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Update: Week 4 of Yoga

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4 weeks in now (see https://stevey.wpengine.com/2008/02/03/vinyasa-yoga/).

Been sticking to my 6 days out of 7 plan per week and it’s tough but I’m starting to feel some results.

Noticeable changes in my body;

  • back of my arms are turning to steel,
  • same with back of shoulders and general strength of upper body,
  • upper leg muscles can hold without shaking while bent for a long period now,
  • breathing smoothly during yoga has become easier (but still needs lots of improvement),
  • balance for longer,
  • flexibility is really improving especially folding at waist, and
  • probably shed a couple pounds (don’t own a scaled but it seems so).

Let’s see where I’m at in 2 more weeks.

Highly recommend this to anyone else fighting “old-man-itis”.


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