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elders newest boards

Johan has got a couple beauties now in-stock. I saw these up close and the production quality on them is amazing! The semi-fish is one of the nicest boards he’s ever made (3rd board from left).

A Quad Fish (650$), Funboard (750$), Semi-Fish (650$) and a Thruster (500$).

The ocean is a 5 hour drive from MTL and there are 100’s of places to surf! (or a 5 hour plane ride south — or hit the river in the spring !!) Whatever you gotta do.

Check all Johan’s in-stock


3 responses to “Elder’s newest surfboards”

  1. emily Avatar


  2. emily Avatar

    I totally agree some of the best work and the tail seems real whip-ready! riiiip it up!

  3. Steve Avatar

    A couple of them are still for sale I think ! http://montreal.craigslist.ca/spo/577610580.html