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Update:: One more image that shows the effects of bottom trawling for seafood/fish

“Bottom trawling is the most destructive of any actions that humans conduct in the ocean,” said zoologist Les Watling of the University of Hawaii.

More reason to support the Sea Shepard society or a group like Surf Rider..

“What happens in the vast stretches of the world’s oceans – both wondrous and worrisome – has too often been out of sight, out of mind.

The sea represents the last major scientific frontier on planet earth – a place where expeditions continue to discover not only new species, but even new phyla. The role of these species in the ecosystem, where they sit in the tree of life, and how they respond to environmental changes really do constitute mysteries of the deep. Despite technological advances that now allow people to access, exploit or affect nearly all parts of the ocean, we still understand very little of the ocean’s biodiversity and how it is changing under our influence.”

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  1. johan Avatar

    Damn, that’s not a pretty picture…. even more an effect than I would have thought.