The Tao of Deadlines by Andy Rutledge

Design View by Andy Rutledge

Design View by Andy Rutledge” is well worth a read through. He’s got some great long pieces about a number of topics in the Design/UI/Web field.

One recent post that struck a chord was “The Tao of Deadlines“;

Project Management
No project runs itself. Responsible project management is a vital component in allowing everyone to meet deadlines. In addition to the typical elements of project management, make sure to:

  • Communicate regularly with the client. Make sure that everyone knows what’s going on at all times.
  • Clearly define next steps. No deadline or milestone is an island; it is a critical springboard toward the next step and a subsequent milestone, for which some specific person is responsible.
  • Never let a schedule anomaly go unaddressed. Cite the delay or the situation and clearly define how it affects the ongoing project and related milestones.
  • Always exhibit courtesy and responsibility—and make it clear that you expect the same in return from the client. Everyone wants to meet expectations, so let the client know your expectations.
  • Always hit your deadlines.

I find I’ve read all this before but this is well summed up; thoughtfully edited and even then — re-reading acts like a mantra to remember it all.