New iPod case

iPod case

With the purchase of my new iPod, I needed a new case. I’m pretty picky about cases, logos, and styling. I wanted something that just act like a protective envelope for my iPod, which could easily be removed in order to plug the iPod into my car dock. It had to be tough enough to sit in my bag and protect against normal bumps and jostling. Apple sells one that looked really good — but it’s 100$!

Finally found one that fit my requirements and was a fraction of the price (about 35$ with shipping). A online store in the US sells slip cases for iPhones that happen to fit the dimensions of the new iPod classic 80 Gig models (the 160’s are a bit too fat to fit into it – check the specs carefully).

“Apple iPhone Slip Hard Leather Case:

Simple and Elegant Protection for your iPhone. The CoverCase Slip Case, is Slim, form fitting and purely you. It feature the EasyReach™ system and rigid insert to help protect your iPhone from bumps and bruises. They are Individually handcrafted from top European Super soft Napa leather, this case has a no-bulk, streamlined fit which allows you to feel the curves of your Apple iPhone. Slip cases are designed to allow you to easily access to iPhone. Soft suede lining and special stitching made for the sensitive surface of your valuable Apple iPhone.”

Check the Covercase site

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