New Adidas Skateboarding site


I’ve become a bigger and bigger fan of Adidas over the years.

Their skateboard program can only get bigger. I also feel that their design aesthetic has cleaned up considerably and their line has many more styles I’d wear. Nice to see them really puttin’ it to the grindstone with this…

“Adidas has stepped up and launched a brand new skate site. Lots of new content to sink your teeth into. A few highlights are a ramped up team section with bio stats and interviews of their now sizable team, a pretty sweet Paris video and more from the Tim O’Connor roast. Oh yeah, they’ve got their new shoes up as well…” — skatedaily

3 thoughts on “New Adidas Skateboarding site

  1. I love that red/white/black colorway pictured there!! I have the feeling that there are few Adidas stores in Canada?!

  2. Next summer Dan when we go surfing — I’ll bring you up to the Adidas outlet in NH – super cheap and crazy styles.

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