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2 days of riding over the weekend, not exactly as planned as B woke up Saturday morning feeling ill (something about a bad dépaneur chicken sandwich).

Saturday I drove over to Mt. Shefford solo and hiked up via snowshoes to do one pretty good run down through the middle steep trees. The snow was dry at the top but getting a bit heavy due to the temps being close to 0°. Didn’t stop me from tearing a good track down a completely untouched line. It was over quick and packed up and headed back to the condo.

Sunday we woke up to blue bird skies and colder temps. Headed over the meet up with Jesse and Stef with B, who I dropped off at the top on the way so he could do the first run. We were able to do 6-7 runs in a couple hours. Each run was pure pow top-to-bottom (varying from 1+ foot deep to 4-6″ near the bottom) and we hit a number of different lines. Couple on an open steep run that had some huge pow rollers. Couple more through the trees and blast out onto a “cut across” that had a great backside hip to a frontside step down bump.

Probably one of the best all around days I’ve had in the past couple years. The sheer fact that every run was pow with little competition tracking up the place (about 20 other people there on sunday) made it. Too bad we didn’t take more picts/video as it was all business.

Need some more of that!

* car-boarding: using a car/truck/van to get back to the top of a snowy mountain; drivers take turns “shuttling”; works best with groups of 3-4 per average sized car.