SXSW Day 4 notes

networking, networking! allen mendelsohn.
(Photo: Another great shot from Nancy)

Long day of panels today, a blur of some many pieces that make up my life and job. Some thoughts/notes so far;

  • Canadian’s need to talk more amongst themselves, in our industry. Calling myself out first — I’m guilty.
  • Hiring talented people in Canada and the UK is tough for everyone.
  • One of the keywords so far has seemed to be “sincerity”; sincere action/reaction/transparency/following through/honesty/reputation/ etc.
  • When building; Remember to always pace yourself properly with your clients; example: Films sites have different pace of milestones than a social networking site.
  • Don’t over-talk it.
  • Few want MS Silverlight to succeed even though they see the power in it. More segmentation of the web.
  • I found a good Montreal mexican resto by talking to someone here. “Le Petit Coin Mexican” On Jean-Talk/Iberville
  • The following are all over-hyped and should be avoided until they (or if they) ever deliver (Taken from the PreLoaded panel) : Papervision, Erlang, Flex, Pair Programming, Silverlight