5 thoughts on “Ansel Adams Quote

  1. Very interesting quote. The way he described it (photography), which is so true. You should enjoy his works too…


  2. I’m using this photograph right now on a final exam for my environment philosophy and literature class. Ansel Adams does amazing work. I especially like Moonrise Over Hernandez by him. His actual prints are stunning, I saw some in the St. Louis Art Museum once. That was neat.

  3. i am trying to get as much info about this picture as possible. i have a framed piece and i would like to know if it is original, what it is named, and what it is worth. any info would be greatly appreciated!!!! thank you. please email me at inkmnkytoo@yahoo.com.

  4. The sense of the presence of the eternal world in Adams’s photographs is achieved not only by his constant choice of sublime moments and viewpoints, but also by his legendary technical brilliance, which transforms an ordinary scene into a luminescent, fully realized, precious object. ~ Jonathan Green

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