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sxsw 08 – united steel workers-145 by nikolai36

Gern (seen on the right in the above photo), got a great write up about the new “Chick Pickin’ Mondays” at Grumpy’s Bar…

“On the surface, he may be one of the last guys you’d expect to champion the cause of this city’s coterie of women singers and musicians. Yet Gern f, one of the toughest-looking hombres in town, is the force behind Chick Pickin’ Mondays at Grumpy’s Bar, which kicks off on Monday.

“There are so many outstanding women singers and guitar pickers in Montreal, but they rarely get the opportunity to bask in the limelight on their own,” says Gern f. “Finally, they will have their own showcase and hopefully get their due.”

Gern f., the mastermind behind Moonshine on Thursdays at Grumpy’s, is a part-time bartender there and full-time member of the United Steelworkers of Montreal – not a bunch of steelworkers, but one dynamite, down-home bluegrass ensemble.” — Full article

The guy is unstoppable.