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After 8 months of using TIVO to replace our antiquated air-time based TV watching; I’l never go back to TV – I would prefer to stop watching all together. This sound has changed our media habits.

Great article from the WSJ this AM; It sums up, simply, a lot of what TIVO has become to us; and DVR’s to 1/3 of North America.

“Today my TV is not your TV, and you can never assume the same people are watching the same thing at the same time or in the same way.

The biggest driver of that change isn’t Slingbox but the digital video recorder, whether it’s TiVo or the models peddled by cable-TV providers. For most DVR users, that change was instant, not gradual: The way my wife and I watched TV was forever altered the day we got TiVo, and we go back to the old way only when forced to do so, and then grudgingly and for as little time as possible.” — cont.

http://online.wsj.com/article/SB120716247208184015.html | TIVO in Canada


4 responses to ““My TV is not your TV””

  1. j Avatar

    Tomorrow I have to record a soccer match. I am using my 15 year old vcr. I disconnect all wires from the cable box to the tv and plug them into the vcr and pray to god that it works. It’s only when I get home and plug the audio / video out to the audio/ video in and press play do I know if it actually worked. This is the last year that I will do this.
    Allen once came by and hooked up the madness that is the vcr, cable box, dvd player nightmare.
    I long for a pvr but have an issue with the $549 price tag that videotron is charging. I look for them on a daily basis on ebay. It’s a pvr or I blow my brains out.
    Fuck vcr’s.

  2. Rick Avatar

    Serously changed watching habbits. Once you stop scheduling life around when a show is ON. You start to wonder why you watch what you watch. Also the source of your content.
    Instead of watching: News, eat, 2 sitcoms, reality show, drama. You can watch the news LATER in place of any sitcom, watch a podcast or 2, maybe a drama – IF IT’S GOOD and go to bed. Less media, less commercials, more life.

  3. Steve Avatar

    ^ Exactly Rick ! It’s all about Quality now.