Damn Futureshop having a sale

Linda and I, since deciding not to move, had come up with a few items we want to upgrade in our small apartment (as sort of a consolation prize after giving up on the apt search).

One of them was a new TV; I had seen the model I wanted; friends had bought it and were extremely happy; all reviews glowed endlessly about it.

Our current TV, which I bought in 2000 (a 32″ JVC D-Series), has started to get a little weak in the knees; it’s still got a good picture but the sound now requires some minor futzing to get working properly. The real drawback is its size – it’s a huge tube that leaves us very few options in our small apartment.

Anyhoot — Turns out FS is offering some discounts comparable to boxing day; and tons of their products are pretty damn cheap. We had a target price we were willing to spend – they met it. We’ll see what happens – ours has been ordered but I won’t sing it’s praises til FS confirms and delivers it.

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