Secure Notes on your Mac

I’ve been storing some information in my Entourage notes which should really be kept secured behind a password; I had tried out some of the shareware apps that let you keep passwords/records/notes in a secure fashion — but they always seems clunky/slow and not 100% trustworthy.

I recently found out that my mac already has an excellent app built into do just this; KeyChain Access (/Applications/Utilities/Keychain

It allows you to create Secure notes (File > New Secure Note) that are protected via your main keychain password.

Do you have some information that you want to keep for your eyes only? You can add secure notes into your keychain and you can decrypt on an ‘as needed’ basis…

Read more about how to do this here

6 thoughts on “Secure Notes on your Mac

  1. I’ll eventually get back to OpenID –

    to be honest — I found it a bit frustrating for the few logins that it worked with. :\

    I know that certificates trick is hot though !!

  2. Keychain notes keep disappearing. This is still an open issue at the time of writing, and I cannot recommend Keychain to store notes within.

    Passwords, certs are fine – I have not experienced any data loss yet.

    But be aware that there’s a bug around when using Secure Notes in Keychain!
    I was looking for a valid alternative, but I havn’t found any so far…



  3. Good to know Lukas.

    Since posting this i’ve moved to 1Password entirely. Quicker/nicer/syncs with my iphone.


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