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Due to posting to multiple accounts (personal and being part of our work account) in Twitter; it’s extremely handy to know the available Twitter shortcuts…

  • ON: turns phone notifications on
  • OFF: turns phone notifications off
  • FOLLOW username: turns on notifications for a specific individual
  • LEAVE username: turns off notifications for a specific individual
  • D username: sends a private message to a specific individual
  • @username: sends a public message to a specific individual; this message will archive in their replies tab, and be visible on your profile page
  • WHOIS username: returns bio info for a Twitter member
  • GET username: returns the last update from a specific individual
  • FAVE username: marks the last update of a user as a favorite
  • TRACK word: returns updates from the Twitter community containing the tracked word
  • TRACKING: returns a list of words you’re tracking
  • UNTRACK word: stops tracking a word
  • UNTRACK all: stops tracking all words
  • INVITE 4155225678: invites a friend via SMS/text message to join Twitter
  • STATS: returns statistics

Feel free to add anymore in the comments below.