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We saw M.I.A last night — Fantastic super high energy show. Mainly tracks off “Kala” with a couple older ones thrown in. Loved the samples of the race-cars and the constant “digital horns” (or whatever the sound is) always keeping the room full of noise.

The stage show and visuals were seizure inducing as expected (have you seen her site ?); sometimes so much going on on stage that it was overwhelming (which is hard to do in a small venue like Metropolis). Excellent visuals and lighting really add to what she’s all about. The sampled Nintendo 8bit “Duck Hunt” graphics for “Bird Flu” made me a chuckle.

Also our first use of a new perk at work – as we now have GEG (the promoter) as a client – which means we get to see some great shows.

M.I.A. @ Metropolis


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    can you get rod stewart tickets for my mum