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Following along with my friends Trevor and Rachel; They’re currently biking to the East Coast/NFLD; where Rachel will stop and Trev will then fly to the Yukon; where he starts a long haul trip biking back south and then right across Canada. Living a dream as he puts it.

Rachel worked at Plank and Trevor worked for the Print design company we used to share our office with. Both great peeps.

“The general idea is to ride from Montreal east around the Gaspe through the maritimes and over to St. John’s, Newfoundland, doing the first leg with my girlfriend. Then fly from St. John’s to the Yukon and start riding the second leg from Whitehorse down to Victoria then back across Canada to Montreal, visiting family and friends along the way.

I want to leave as soon as we can In June, depending on my job and my girlfriend’s school schedule. But overall I plan on taking three months at the most to do both legs.”



One response to “Trev and Rachel on the long haul”

  1. Warren Wilansky Avatar

    Great people and a crazy inspiring trip. Forest Gump like but without all the hollywood drama. Good luck friends!