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Apt with friends circa 1994/95
Posted a ton of old photos today. Some friends had been asking where the archives where at — so now they can be happy and laugh it up at all the embarrassing shots.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/stevey/sets/72157605872139447/ — or tags contextually on Facebook


3 responses to “Apt with friends circa 1994/95”

  1. Kickster Avatar

    Oh my.
    We look like babies.
    I saw these and laughed so hard. Then I looked at them again and smiled. Then I looked at them again and remember how great it was to be surrounded by all of those people during teenhood. Thank goodness every one of those people were there.
    Thanks for the post Steve – that one meant a lot.


  2. Allen Avatar

    The collection of Dead tix in that set is amazing!

  3. Steve Avatar

    They are – some of the best looking tickets ever — those are the ones you got if you mail ordered tickets.