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Great skateboarding photos from California in the 70’s…

“In 1975, when Hugh Holland first began photographing the skateboarders in southern California, he had already been living in Los Angeles for nine years. His interest in photography had developed in the mid-sixties as a 20-year-old living in his native state of Oklahoma. Except for a college job working in a photo lab, Holland had no formal art education. He spent years training his eye by shooting photographs and working with the images.”



2 responses to “Hugh Holland photos”

  1. steve Avatar

    if they were to clean up these bowls/”retention basins” the city would never have to build another skate-park again.

    Brings back great memories! 1974 to 1977. Hollywood hills between the 405 and the 101. i cant quite place this one, however, it fully captures the feel of the era!
    any other classics??

  2. Doggyman Avatar

    Hey Steve, I do believe that spot is the Viper Bowl, which was located
    right above the Hollywood Reservoir. There’s another pic online of the Viper Bowl that has the same “Locals Only/No Valleys” graffiti.
    And as far as Wallows is concerned, it’s screwed up nowadays beyond belief.