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B and the face
Wow – big news for our favourite mountain.

Billy (the pres of Jay) had purchased Jay Peak back from MSSI (who own a number of small ski mountains in Quebec). I hope this is good news for Jay (least the burgers will be cheaper).

Jay Peak Resort Sold to Long Time Resort President Bill Stenger and Group of Private Investors.
Immediate plans call for new lifts, improved snowmaking and evolution of Resort infrastructure totaling more than $100 million in capital improvements over the next several years”

PR | Gazette article


4 responses to “Jay Peak sold”

  1. Ern Avatar

    Not too happy about that one… I don’t see too much good coming out of this one. My pass from MSSI isn’t good anymore at jay peak and I’m scared that they will over develop like everywhere else and the nice mountain with tons of stashes become another Killington or Tremblant. Lots of people and no room.. and you think the burgers were expensive ? ;) Just wait !

    Future will tell

  2. Steve Avatar

    I hadn’t even considered the MSSI pass thing – not that I used that feature much but it was always nice to have.

    I think they have big ideas and plans – but maybe a blessing is I don’t know if they’ll be successful (?). Dunno. One thing — you’re right – time tells all.

  3. Jay Resident Avatar
    Jay Resident

    Also, Bill Stenger is kind of a douche bag