Wilson is now an outdoor cat

Our cat now goes outdoors. Thank god. I owe it all to Linda who pushed him out the door while I was in Mexico — and showed me he’d be fine.

He seems much happier now and apart from one bad fight (which we assume he lost) has been the king of the back alley.

It came just in time with this heat. Now we need a “kitty door” installed so he doesn’t cry to be let out.

6 thoughts on “Wilson is now an outdoor cat

  1. You want a magnetic door – you ad “key” to a collar to open the door – no skunks or racoons can get in that way. I have one never used – in box.

  2. i hardly pushed him out. he carved out the screen door like tim robbins in shawshank redemption. once he had his taste of freedom there was no going back

  3. His master plan I’ve been thwarting all these years ? He knew you had a soft spot and carefully timed his escape !

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