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Killer apps

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I’m not planning on buying an Iphone yet; maybe in the fall — but this is the type of cheap application that would push me ever closer to giving Rogers/Apple more of my money. And this isn’t even the official one from Flickr.

Flickr by XK72 @ Apple itunes app store


2 responses to “Killer apps”

  1. Rick Avatar

    I was SOOOOOOO psyched to get an iPhone – till Rogers tried to stick it to use with that awful plan, but now that they have caved to the pressure! I might get in august before the price goes up. No more home phone – instead DSL on dead line and iPhone with cheap plan and 6GB data package. I can’t wait to see the plethora of apps to come!

  2. Steve Avatar

    Couple people here at the office have them now… pretty SLICK !!