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Friday night while driving down to the coast on Highway 91/93 through Vermont and New Hampshire, we were driving on the divided highway. 2 lanes going south separated by 100m of woods to the 2 lanes going north.

Johan is half asleep as he preps to take over driving for me. I’m passing a slow moving car in an area with not much around except trees and more trees. My mind suddenly snaps open to the fact that I’m looking at car lights directly approaching me, in a place where you should not see this.

I quickly pull back into the right lane, with my hand held down on the horn as a small sedan whips by directly us going the wrong way. easily doing 120km/h.

All the cars around me slow down in shock. Johan is now fully awake and saying something to the effect of “holy sh#@!t”.

There’s absolutely no way this was an accident (someone getting on the exit the wrong way. etc) This was someone pranking or drunk/high as a kite trying to race exit to exit on the wrong side of the highway.

Everyone around us was okay but who knows further back down the road. People suck sometimes. I rarely wish to see cops on these highways but this time I wish there had of been one.

(photo above isn’t from me – just a fitting shot I found on flickr from kvguang22)


5 responses to “Oncoming lights”

  1. Allen Avatar

    Jeebus that’s f-ing insane

  2. PushingTide Avatar

    Crazy man. One of the first surf blogs I used to read, located out of Oregon, by some girl. Called Surf Strait or something. Anyway, she was driving the coast home from a surf with a couple of friends when they were hit by an oncoming car going the wrong direction. Her whole life was flipped upside down and she is still recovering and not right. Wish I could find that blog again. You are lucky. We all are.

  3. Steve Avatar

    Heavy. We didn’t make to much of it – but I admit that it reminded me to enjoy everything and love life. You never know.

  4. j Avatar

    that’s so fucked up. i drove that highway this summer and there is no way that’s an accident. hopefully you had a change of boxers.