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New apartment

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Anyone know of a good residential moving company in Montréal?

Linda and I found a new place over the weekend and signed the lease last night.

We needed more space and a change of venue. A top floor 5 ½ with electricity/heat included on De Brebeuf between Gilford and St. Joseph. We have a brand new neighborhood north-east of us to explore. Moving day will be the last weekend of November.



5 responses to “New apartment”

  1. Allen Avatar

    Congrats! Looks great (from the sky at least!)

  2. Anile Avatar

    Congrats! New apartments are so exciting! I love that neighbourhood – cool homes, greener than downtown, and walkable everything. Be sure to check out Le Fromentier, yummy bakery on Laurier.

  3. Hamish M Avatar

    Congrats on the move!

    Can’t say I know any moving companies off hand, but good luck in your search.

  4. Ed Fladung Avatar

    i say move at least every 2 years. well, maybe 3 years. good luck with your new ‘hood. right on. i assume there is more quiver space.

    btw- guess who got toobed today, and yesterday and the day before. oh snaps. my body is jelly.

  5. Steve Avatar

    Thanks guys ! A lot of people have recommended the “Clan Panneton” who are good but expensive. I’ll post up some results of what we find.

    @ed: we had surfy-movie night last night with some bro’s and tales of your toooobs came up!!