MTL’s newest skate park?

MTL’s newest skate park ?
All kidding aside MTL’s skateboarders must be looking at the new “quartier des spectacles” with some wide eyes. 30,000 (!) sq feet of marble at odd angles is being laid down as we speak.

Here’s the area.

I wonder how closely the police will be patrolling this area and what kind of anti-skateboarding devices will be secured to all that marble?

No matter what – this is gearing up to have slightly different “spectacles” than the city planned on.

4 thoughts on “MTL’s newest skate park?

  1. Yea.. the security at place des arts has always had a heavy hand with skaters. I think we’ll see some public surveillance camera’s and a whole lot of “skate stoppers”.

  2. Skateboarding is a crime in most minds… you should see the SWEET spot in the alley beside my place. SO sweet – the building owner just dropped a dozen concrete blocks on all the curbs. You should have seen the crew that showed up in near tears when the saw there spot ruined.

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