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The Recycle Logo

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Interesting story of the creation of one of the predominant symbols of our time — which is only now gaining it’s true foothold in western culture.

“The figure was designed as a Mobius strip to symbolize continuity within a finite entity. I used the [logo’s] arrows to give directionality to the symbol. I envisioned it with the small edge or the point of the triangle at the bottom. I wanted to suggest both the dynamic (things are changing) and the static (it’s a static equilibrium, a permanent kind of thing). The arrows, as broad as they are, draw back to the static side.”



One response to “The Recycle Logo”

  1. Denis Avatar

    Gary, your design really makes a lot of sense. Anyone who looks at it can figure out what it is the purpose behind the design. No need for a Rosetta Stone. Thanks to your simple, yet, well thought design. Great job!