The Recycle Logo

Interesting story of the creation of one of the predominant symbols of our time — which is only now gaining it’s true foothold in western culture.

“The figure was designed as a Mobius strip to symbolize continuity within a finite entity. I used the [logo’s] arrows to give directionality to the symbol. I envisioned it with the small edge or the point of the triangle at the bottom. I wanted to suggest both the dynamic (things are changing) and the static (it’s a static equilibrium, a permanent kind of thing). The arrows, as broad as they are, draw back to the static side.”

One thought on “The Recycle Logo

  1. Gary, your design really makes a lot of sense. Anyone who looks at it can figure out what it is the purpose behind the design. No need for a Rosetta Stone. Thanks to your simple, yet, well thought design. Great job!

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