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The move

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A bit silent round parts these past couple weeks with our impending apartment move.

Work had been non-stop (in a good way) all the way up to this week — so now I’m cramming a lot into 5 days. Between address changes, picking up boxes, shuttling and errands around the city — it’s a whirlwind — thank god I used a week of vacation. Feels funny not to be getting on a plane and going somewhere with vacation time, but in hindsight this was a good choice.

1/2 the apartment is ready to ship out and the other half will be ready by Thursday night. It’s exciting but now I’m slightly over the “purge euphoria” and just want it done.

Wish us luck; 3 days to go!


7 responses to “The move”

  1. Dan B. Avatar
    Dan B.

    Good luck man! I haven’t moved in a while…this sounds like a great move though..a week off..mostly packed by wednesday..usually I move Saturday and pack friday night..haha! I have Thursday / Friday night off if ya need a hand with anything!

  2. Rick Avatar

    Gooooooooooood luck dude!
    Wait till you unpack boxes full of stuff and ask – “Why do I have this?”
    I’ve still got 3 boxes of VHS tapes wrapped for nearly 4 yrs.
    Purge if possible!

  3. Steve Avatar

    thanks rick.

    Just dropped 2 boxes of VHS tapes on the street (pre-move-preemptive-strike ) !! and a bag of old cassette tapes. man.

  4. j Avatar

    keep all your old skate stuff it’s gold. hope your move goes smooth and that you really enjoy your new place. Did you ask if it was haunted? When we came to see our current place i asked the old owners if it was haunted. I think they thought I was crazy (maybe) but fuck I don’t want to buy a haunted house and end up in the tv.

  5. Anile Avatar

    Good luck Stevey and Linda!! We moved this past summer as well as a year and a half before that… brutal, but the editing/purging process was cathartic. I took a week off too, it was 100% worth it. Mail forwarding was worth it for us too, one less thing to worry about!! Looking forward to hearing about your new space.

  6. Steve Avatar

    Thanks guys;

    @J — I’m trying; mag’s mainly and one wrecked old deck. No clue about the haunting; now i’m nervous !!
    @anile – we did the mail FWD — 40$ for both me and linda – well worth it.

  7. nan-c Avatar

    g’luck buddy!!
    you can do it! moving to the other side of st-denis.
    go! go! go!!