34 thoughts on “50 years of Space Exploration

  1. Wow that is beautiful. What is the original source for this graphic? Is it available as a poster print?


  2. The poster is not complete, and it’s misleading, unless I’m missing something. The Moon shows “73 missions” , but the labels mention only 14, to include 8 “failed NASA missions” and 2 “successful NASA Missions”. Huh? Why not label the dozens of successful NASA missions….Lunar Orbiters, Surveyors, Rangers, Apollos (6 landings), Apollo subsatellites, Clementine, etc, etc.?? It’s beautiful art but I wouldn’t use it as an accurate reference.

  3. I can’t believe there has only been one approach to ur anus, although I believe by 2014 it is renamed to stop that old joke.

  4. Remember this have been done from 1903 to now. Mostly the United States have done this. Almost no other country has done what we have done in the United States for space exploration from the year of 1903. Suck that Europe and the rest of the world. And you think we will be forgiven for this?

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