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Genius playlists

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I think I might have found the real reason I want to update my ipod (to a touch or an iphone). Genius playlists. I’m sold — Apple has done a very good job with this and it’s once again re-introducing my music to me on a daily basis.

If you haven’t turned on this feature or clicked the button — try it now. You won’t regret it.

Once the new car smell has worn off of the feature and you want it to be even better — review this…

“The Genius bar uses collaborative filtering and popularity data from the iTunes store. The Genius Playlist button uses local meta information associated with the files, like genre, rating, play count and other data stored in the ID3 tags.

Here are some tips for getting better Genius recommendations…”



2 responses to “Genius playlists”

  1. Ben Avatar

    Hey buddy, super similar to the site Pandora which creates a radio station for you based on a song or artist. Just saw ed’s blog posted on Dion Agius’s site http://www.globe.tv/dion he’s blowin up. Had a good surf at Sombrio yesterday kind of freezing, snow/hail for a while.

  2. Steve Avatar

    Amazin — i’ve been using this too — http://www.last.fm/user/steveybis

    Snowy surf eh ?! hardcore man. it’s crossed my mind a couple times to head down but then we finally got some pow to shred.

    take it easy – 3.5 months til CR.