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KISS in MTL comes on stage from stevey on Vimeo.

The show last night rocked. I’m more a KISS fan now than ever. They put on an excellent show — 2 hours non-stop with great lights/pyrotechnics/antics and stunts !! Didn’t sit down once the whole time. Helped that we had AMAZING seats.

More photos here (I was live posting some last night) and T’Cha’s Gazette review here


4 responses to “KISS in Montréal”

  1. Allen Avatar

    Allow me to repeat my very intelligent Vimeo comment here:


  2. jesseb Avatar

    I second that.. : wooooooooooooooo….
    P.s- I need to buy a new face, mine is still melted !

  3. Bill Avatar

    this looked awesome, they really do put on a good show!