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The Wall crowds

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Crowds at The Wall photo by Ed O’Connell.

Love how Ed’s lens flattens miles of beach behind these guys. To all the photo experts — tell me again how this “shortening” is done (those houses are way back from the people in the water) ?

Here’s the scene pre-wave


2 responses to “The Wall crowds”

  1. Christiane Avatar

    Depth of field!


    Overall, the practical use of depth-of-field can be summed up as follows:
    To maximise depth-of-field and have as much sharp as possible use a wide-angle lens, set a small aperture and stand back from your subject
    To minimise depth-of-field with only a small zone of the scene sharp use a telephoto lens, set a large aperture, and get closer to your subject.”

  2. Ted Jerome Avatar

    The foreshortening effect you see is a by-product of using a very “long” telephoto, such as a 400mm. The same effect accounts for those photos with the rising or setting Moon or Sun looking huge when compared to Earth-bound objects like house or trees.