Finnish Tire Club

Nokian Hakka 5

I’ve joined the “Finnish Tire Club”. Last Saturday I drove down to F C P on the south shore and went tire shopping. These guys seemingly carry every known brand of tire (new and used) and are specialists in high-end winter tires. My winter tires from last year had really bit the dust (instead of biting the ice).

Stefan had bought studded Nokian’s from F C P the year before and had raved all winter about ripping around in a snow/ice beast! I know studded tires are louder driving on dry pavement but I figured I could sacrifice and turn up my ipod a bit to compensate. Ended up buying some 15″ Nokian Hakkapeliitta 5’s with factory installed square studs. A bit pricey but I think the money will be worth it in this case.

Also worth noting that F C P has a good system where you leave your rims and a deposit, they mount your tires and you make an appointment to get them put on close to winter.

Nokian Hakkapeliitta 5’s | F C P