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Finnish Tire Club

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Nokian Hakka 5

I’ve joined the “Finnish Tire Club”. Last Saturday I drove down to F C P on the south shore and went tire shopping. These guys seemingly carry every known brand of tire (new and used) and are specialists in high-end winter tires. My winter tires from last year had really bit the dust (instead of biting the ice).

Stefan had bought studded Nokian’s from F C P the year before and had raved all winter about ripping around in a snow/ice beast! I know studded tires are louder driving on dry pavement but I figured I could sacrifice and turn up my ipod a bit to compensate. Ended up buying some 15″ Nokian Hakkapeliitta 5’s with factory installed square studs. A bit pricey but I think the money will be worth it in this case.

Also worth noting that F C P has a good system where you leave your rims and a deposit, they mount your tires and you make an appointment to get them put on close to winter.

Nokian Hakkapeliitta 5’s | F C P

4 responses to “Finnish Tire Club”

  1. Allen Avatar

    New look is amazing! Congrats.

  2. […] the snow comes a new cottage (more coming on this), new snowboard gear (this too!), new winter tires and starting to check the backcountry snow […]

  3. erik Avatar

    Woo hey Stevey I picked up a set of Hakka 5 today! Anything special to know about ’em? Drive slower than 50mph and your car explodes? Shot on site in Ontario? etc.

    It might be a bit early in the season but apparently I got the last set FCP had in 16″ in stock. I heard a sales rep tell two other people on the phone about them while waiting to have mine put on and him saying “we’re sold out”.


  4. Steve Avatar

    Excellent. You still have the volvo right ? Those plus AWD will give you the safest ride you can get IMHO.

    No real disadvantage that I know of. Try braking and steering sharp in a parking lot once the snow falls to see how much better they are.

    might see you on the weekend.