La Chatte Bottée

V and Carole

A huge congratulations to V and Carole for this. They made the cover of this weeks Hour … V told me about it last weekend – so I’ve been anxiously waiting to see how it looked ! I’ve known both these girls since just after high school and they are awesome, creative and deserving of this press ….

Walking the walk

Vintage shoe schleppers Nika Novi and Carole De Gagné kick off our Hot Shots issue, an annual look at some of Montreal’s most inspiring up-and-coming innovators and entrepreneurs

La Chatte Bottée is definitely an idea whose time has come. Hard-working career girls and best friends Nika Novi and Carole De Gagné were both in the market for an avocation to go with their vocations when the idea hit them to do La Chatte Bottée (loosely translated, it’s, ahem, Puss in Boots), an invitation-by-email monthly shoe party where savvy sabot-eurs can come to browse the best shoe hits of the ’40s to ’90s.”

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