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Roadsworth at Palais de Congres

I haven’t gone down to see it myself, but Roadsworth’s new piece at Place D’armes metro outside Palais de Congres looks kinda cool. Well conceived idea using a large amount of space. Good to see the city finally coming around with the obvious choice to support this local artist instead of jail him.

“Roadsworth rehabilitated Peter Gibson, the 31-year-old Montrealer stencil graffiti artist formerly known as Roadsworth, is now officially in the city’s good books. Gibson was arrested in late November 2004, putting a sudden end to his three-year creative outburst of surreptitious, amusing and anonymous street-level guerrilla art, which included painting owls, candles, fake bike paths and the like on city streets. After fulfilling his court-mandated 40 hours of community service, late last week he picked up a city contract to beautify the sidewalk at Viger and St-Urbain, in front of the Palais des Congrès. Gibson’s new painting is inspired, apparently, by Lego. Financial terms are in the negotiation stage.” (source)

Here are some photos from one of the guys who worked on it with him (it was a team of 3 artists) …
http://www.urbanambush.com/index2.php?content=legolog1 | Roadsworth via Flickr