Our surfing Gazette Article

Standing on the wall

Roji got her surfing piece published in Saturday’s Montreal Gazette. She ended up going down herself to do some first hand research. I helped her fill in some of the blanks. Big congrats to her! Plank and even Johan got a plug in the sidebar .. we’ll see if it leads to any custom made board inquiries.

A waitress places a small New England lobster in front of me at the Sea Ketch restaurant in Hampton Beach, N.H. The sounds of waves lapping across the beach six metres away can be heard over the chatter of just a handful of patrons in a restaurant built for hundreds.

The off-season has arrived. By mid-September, houses and shops in many beach communities in New England are boarded up. Tourists have returned home, and locals moved inland in search of work.

Enter the surfers. Montrealers have been flocking across the border for weeks, joining a migration of surfers hoping to catch the swells produced by tropical storms moving north in the Atlantic Ocean. From late August to mid-November, waves are shoulder high, producing some of the best surfing in the world.

“We keep an eye on the tropical storm warnings,” says Steve Bissonnette, who works for the multimedia company Plank Design when he is not surfing. “The power of those Atlantic storms makes the days when there are waves very good days.”

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