The res of games

gears of war

We went over to one of Linda’s friends place the other night for dinner. We had an awesome time hanging out in their loft in the village – heated stone floors and a 12 foot long “picnic-table styled” dinner table really appeal to me.

Her boyfriend writes a gaming column for a Canadian newspaper… which is kinda fun! As soon as we arrive, he asks “wanna see Gears of War on the xbox360?” … “sure!”… he had gotten a copy for “official work review” along with a brand new xbox console complete with shiny “GOW branded faceplate”. I sat down and he quickly ran through level 2 for me.

First off – not my type of game (I’m way more Mario than FPS) – way too violent and a bit of a tired formula. But… the graphics and physics of the game.. we beyond anything I have seen to date – rivaling some of the best 3D movies. The visual effects and lenses, distortion, movement, and perspective are stunning. When this quality of 3D reaches beyond these consoles and onto other platforms and applications in the next 10 years – things are going to take off.

Worth just watching for 5 minutes if you get a chance – try to find a version playing on a quality HDTV to see what I mean.

Metacritic GOW