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Useless Wooden Toys

My good friend Oli is putting together an art show. He has gotten numerous artists to customize a Furni clock (the o so hot mullen model) which will be displayed and auctioned off to raise money for Skate4Cancer organization.

Word is the clocks will start at some very affordable opening bids. I’ll personally be gunning for 1 or 2 of them. I also got word that so far – the artwork is looking absolutely outstanding. Stop by Off The Hook in mid February and check them out, place a bid for a good cause, get a great looking Montréal designed clock with a one of a kind treatment.

“The show features 27 artists from the USA, Canada and Europe who will each custom-design a “Mullen” clock from Furni, a hand-crafted furnishings company with its roots in the skateboard industry. The 27 clocks will then be auctioned off on eBay from February 11 2007 to May 27, 2007, with all proceeds going to the skate4cancer organization. The artists’ completed works will be featured in “Useless Wooden Toys”, a vernissage at Off the Hook Boutique in Montreal (1021 A St. Catherine W.). The “Useless Wooden Toys” display will be unveiled during Know?Show East, the debut of the country’s biggest street, skate and snow trade show on the east coast that will take place from February 11-13, 2007″

http://www.uselessartshow.com | Furni