Public hammocks or nefarious ends?

Public hammocks or nefarious ends?

I parked my car behind the BELGO this AM (just near the corner of St. Alexandre and Ste. Catherine) – remembering that it was cheaper than the other spot I usually go and much closer to work.

Two things struck me as I paid my money to the PARK MONTREAL automated machine;

  • The price of parking JUMPED to 15$ (from 8$) ??!!
  • There’s a sign up saying.. “We’ll be no longer offering parking here as of Feb. 28th 2007” (closing down the parking lot)

Oo o…
What do you think?

  • They’re building a beautiful park with birds, trees, squirrels and public hammocks for afternoon naps ?
  • … or they are building something that means… No more view and noise for 6 months while they dig the foundation.

Doh. I’m personally hoping for a new summer afternoon napping spot.

4 thoughts on “Public hammocks or nefarious ends?

  1. Not bloody likely!! ;-)

    Unfortunately there is no money in the comfort and hapiness of the citizenry, in building ugly buildings however…..

  2. Woohoo! Maybe someone on the city council got hip to the idea of banning cars altogether from the city center?
    That’d be sweet – in any city!

  3. There was a lot of press recently about how the city has decided to crack down on illegal parking lots in the city centre. Maybe this parking lot is one of the ‘illegals’…
    but if i had to guess.. i’d say they’re more inclined to builidng some ugly square building instead of a park.

  4. Its a social experiment to see how long it takes for Mtlers to go completely nuts. I have prepared charts and graphs to prove this phenomena has already occured and save our dear mayor the trouble….

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