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After many years with the same old site, we finally got something new up. I like the friendliness of it a lot, I like the humor, I like the valid code, I like the blog, I like the RSS feed and the whole system running everything is finally a case of us “eating our own pie” and using the vast amount of amazing PHP code we develop, finally for our own site.

Well I really don’t even know where to start. Plank’s old site had been around for a while, and we had all grown pretty fond of it. It’s been cited by a number of people as a good, clean site that was great-looking and easy to navigate (like all Plank sites!). But boy, after almost 3 years, it was time for a refresh. Here you go.

So, welcome! This redesign has been in the works for ages, to be honest. I’ve been here for two years and we’ve been talking about it since I got here. But we’ve just been too busy to get anything done. Our clients always come first, so our own projects get pushed to the back burner. But enough was enough. We put in some nights and just said, let’s get it done. We gave ourselves a deadline, too. We said we will have a new site by the time we go to SXSW. A deadline is always a good idea – just take a look at what we managed to accomplish. Of course a deadline is a bad idea, too – just take a look at what we haven’t finished! (Sorry about that, btw). But the new site will be 100% done, and soon, we promise.

Check out the new plankdesign.com


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  1. Allen Avatar

    What an awesome site! Everyone should check it out!