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I love finder tips

Mac OS X Hints - A shortcut to help with file renaming

When you spend as much time using the Mac OS X finder as I seem to, then these small innocuous tips can save me from my finger joints locking up tight! Since I tend to collect files from many sources/authors while prepping projects, this little renaming trick is really useful…

“When renaming files in Finder, click on the file, press Enter to bring up the rename input box, then while holding down Option, press the right arrow key. This will bring you to the end of the filename, but before the dot extension. Similarly, Option and left arrow brings you to the beginning. Just a little hint that may save some time while renaming.”

.. although there’s some clarification on this if you read the comments below his post.

Mac OS X Hints – A shortcut to help with file renaming

(.. and if you are curious about the icon in the picture above … Jes’s shot of ‘Dreamland’ in Bali 05)

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