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Basecamp Airstream

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Basecamp Airstream

A 23,000$ (not including the fun extras) RV trailer that looks like a “Cylon Raider“. What’s not to love?

“Airstream has partnered with Nissan Design America (NDA) and Kelty outdoor products to produce a lightweight multi-purpose tent-trailer hybrid that blends the convenience of RV travel with the versatility of car camping, 21st century style. This stylish trailer, designed to be both low cost and flexible, was envisioned as a springboard for outdoor adventures rather than a living room on wheels. Basecamp pays homage to Airstream’s past, taking styling and content cues from the original “torpedo” trailer developed by a company founder Wally Byam in the 1930’s. The attached tent extension, engineered by outdoor products company Kelty, provides a lightweight way to double the available living space, or a great way to store your gear.”

Visit basecamp.airstream.com for tons of info.

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  1. Ken Bower Avatar
    Ken Bower


    Great outside appearance. I inside looks like a pair of autopsy tables.