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Brought these back from the states to show the crew at the office.

They are “expresso” type shots that you’re supposed to add to your gas station coffee for an extra kick. I asked the cashier if they were popular and she exclaimed “Yes – everyone loves them !!!” – crazy !

Some people tried the out today but no one seemed too hoped up. We’ll continue the tests tomorrow.



One response to “STOKs”

  1. patrick goessman Avatar
    patrick goessman

    I think these coffee shots are ass kickin, and give you one hell of a kickstart especially for those monday mornings which can sometimes be 7 days a week if you know what I mean. If you guys sell these to the general public I happened to know a lot of people out here that would be interested in buying these. You can e-mail me back at goessman32@yahoo.com I would sure appreciate a response. Thank you for your time. P.S where can I find these in Bellingham because our local 7-11 doesn’t carry them anymore