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Jesse going left

If you’ve thought about buying a surfboard; Now’s the time to get in touch with Johan over at Elder Surfboards in Montréal. He’s prepping to do another custom run of hand-built quality EPS surfboards for this spring. It might seem *freezing* now … but the spring is only 3 ½ months away and the coast is only a 5 hour drive!!

His boards have been holding up extremely well and they’ve been riding even better. You can really run through exactly what you want with him; get as specific as you want — or just go for one of his proven models (that many of us have been loving). His modern fish shape that Jesse and Leather used in Costa really shined bright.

“I am setting up to do a production run for the beginning of the season (from now until april.. about) and was wondering how many of you will be interested in a new board and what kind? Don’t have to be exact, just want an idea for my materials order.

I have already started talking with Stevey about longboards, as I now have templates for a 9’6″.”

Anyone else jonesing for some wave action?

My order is in, but still trying to decide on a finish/color. Any suggestions?

He can be reached at; http://www.eldersurfboards.com, eldersurfboards@gmail.com or 514.814.3709.