The Log has been ordered (Longboard)


A little something I’m having whipped up by my good buddy Johan (my illustration above is only for our reference – not accurate to shape/fin/etc).

Should be able to put it to some good use this summer as my plan is to go as much as I possibly can; even when it’s small-ish.

These are the dimensions so far (might be some tweaks as Johan sees it come together of course) 9’6″ x 22 1/2″ x 3″ with a 17″ nose and 14-15″ square block tail approx.

Going with a single color yellowy/orange at 80% tint or so. We’re planning a couple special visual tweaks but overall trying to keep it clean, simple and classic.

Hopefully I’ll be able to convince him to keep another digital photo diary of the board being built.

Should be super fun!! Can’t wait.

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