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Reenie Marx

Reenie Marx takes photos of the valley’s and area where I grew up — mainly Harrington.

That part of quebec is unbelievable. I can say that she captures the beauty of the place better than anyone else I’ve seen — especially her Rouge River shots.

Check out her work here


2 responses to “The photos of Reenie Marx”

  1. reenie marx Avatar
    reenie marx

    Who are you? I was surprised to see my name mentioned on your website, and rather shocked to see that you had downloaded one of my images. I am flattered that you are so enthusiastic about the images, but how did you manage to download one, and why?
    Please email me at reeniemarx@google.com

  2. Steve Avatar

    Hi Reenie — you’d remember me through johan elder. went to LRHS and grew up in Harrington.

    Lemme know if you want me to remove the image. You don’t have to “download” an image — as soon as it’s open in my browser – it’s “downloaded”. Can explain more if you’d like.