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With politics heating up in the states, I can’t help but think that things might change.

I’m no fan, nor have any kind of faith that any of the current candidates in the states will do better that the current emperor — but at least there’ll be hope!

A bit of an addendum; I must admit that I have that horrible sinking feeling that I had in my gut in 2004. Being one of few Canadian’s who was actively working towards the 2004 US election issues in some manner (on behalf of a client) – the feeling of utter disbelief that GWB was reelected – when the night before the election I was positive (as so many others where) that there was no chance he would win. Could this type of scenario happen again ? (thankfully GWB can’t run again) – I suggest that it’s a sad reality. Let’s hope this time turns out better.


3 responses to “Light at the end of the tunnel… </bush>”

  1. Allen Avatar

    Any of them have got to do better. They can’t do worse!!

  2. nan-c Avatar

    allen, you’re a bonafide optimist!

  3. Sylvain Avatar

    You are right president Bush was loosing until 4:30 pm, then working people got out of work and went to vote. It look like Obama might win but he is no friend of free trade and he is backed by unions, there go’s my job! I know he might create some jobs by invading Pakistan but it’s not in my field.