SXSW Day 1

texas shadows
(Photo: Great shot from Nancy)

Planes and air travel has this smell, something between brand new plastic garbage bags; roasting coffee / almonds and disinfecting santizers. It gets into my nose, onto my hands, it permeates everything I carry. I can feel it building as I walk into the airport and it grows as the flight carries me on.

Thankfully Austin is full of better smells that will erase those.

We’re off to SXSW; somewhere above the great lakes at this point (writing this on the plane). I’m getting excited, Allen has already started up with his siganture “rally the team woooops which should top 25 by end of day”, Gary is ready for some texas BBQ and lots of design discussion, and Nancy… we’re afraid she’s gonna burst she’s so excited!

Other MontrĂ©alers on our flight are Patrick Tanguay (from Station C which he tells me is doing very well – I must go check it out one day) along with his girlfriend and buddy. Also Rachel, Jim and Jess from Urban Handed Works who are going down for the whole SXSW experience (Interactive, film and music).

My own thoughts on SXSW

It really offers me a chance to get inspired, as I’ve posted and talked about before, but almost as important; as a chance to clear my head for a couple days while remaining completely ‘in-gear’ for Plank.

I’m already seeing one or two problems that have been fuzzy in the past; now in a clearer light.

Really looking forward to Allen’s core conversations tomorrow; along with the other couple panels which kick things off.