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Elbert McLaughlin

Elbert McLaughlin has started blogging.

He’s one of the smartest guys I know, and after spending a couple days with him in Texas, I’m convinced he’s destined for great stuff.

A bit about Elbert…

“I’m the Technical Director at PeopleLikeUs, a small web agency. I’m also acting CTO and a cofounder of WEBCARGO. I’m jazzed by innovation, especially online in areas such as social networking and content sharing, digital rights management, large scale systems and elegant user experiences. On a personal level, I’m a classical pianist, world traveler (when I have time), red wine and sushi lover. No kids yet, but we do have a lovely cat.”

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One response to “Elbert McLaughlin”

  1. nan-c Avatar

    Here here!
    Elbert is the awesomest.