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safari dev

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Finally Safari 3.1 (released on 08/03/18) is offering some built in web developer tools that are accessible through a checkbox in the advanced prefs.

I’m not a huge active developer like I used to be, but I still know my way around HTML/CSS and some JS and this will get me through the process quicker when I’m occasionally thrown back in. Also these tools will also hopefully help me give more accurate bug reports to everyone I work with.

  • Adds option in Safari preferences to turn on the new Develop menu which contains various web development features
  • Allows access to Web Inspector
  • Allows access to Network Timeline
  • Allows editing CSS in the Web Inspector
  • Allows custom user agent string
  • Improves snippet editor
  • full notes here

    Another small part of the update which I love having back is “Includes URL metadata when images are dragged or saved from browser” in a “Where from:” item in finder info.

    Huge timesaver when ‘comping’ images together for a design before buying them. Some reference is better than none.

    Kudo’s to Apple; Good move.