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Defacement of Canadian money is a crime — but if you’re going to do it – at least do it well. The zombie bills are great.

More at DE-NOTED — Why let good money go to waste


3 responses to “Zombie bucks”

  1. BrOkEn Avatar

    hey….I made the zombie bucks. I have made new ones but there is no denoted anymore. I dont know where i can post the new ones

  2. De-noted Avatar

    I was a regular poster on de-noted.com too, i have now started the site again only it’s http://www.de-noted.co.uk

    Thanks for your input BrOkEn :) your new notes are now up on the site!

  3. Awsomwe guy Avatar
    Awsomwe guy

    wow that is great where can i get those? can you even get them? well if you can i would not want them cause you couldnt spend them, but great job BrOkEn! they look great, and 4 your problem you should make your website just 4 zombie bucks*